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Say Thanks with a Treat Basket!

How do you say thank you to co-workers with spending much and making everyone happy? Give them a treat basket.  Who doesn't love a treat.  Even if someone is on a diet it is snack size so it isn't that bad. 

My husband finally got his own truck and own route in May and he wanted to tell the office people thanks.  They schedule his stops and all kinds of other things for all of the drivers.  He wanted to thank his boss Chris for the most part, but hey you can't leave everyone else out.  A simple and inexpensive way to say thanks.  

We did mini cinnamon buns and I made some wild berry and blueberry muffins.  I individually wrapped them so they could be portable, less messy and saved for later in ones desk if wished.  So if you would like to just say a little thank you and not go outside of budget, then this is a great way to go. 

What kind of things do you send as a thank you gift?

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