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Sometimes it Takes a Few Days....or a week.

It actually took me a few days okay a week for it to sink in that my son is 5 now.  This years birthday was much harder for me to cope with.  He will be starting school this year and leaving from under my wing.  His time with Imagination Library is over because he is 5; his Tad Pole play at Foothills Gymnastics is over and plus all the other perks of being a 4 year old has.  I have been a stay at home mom for most of his little life.   It has been just been us for so long.  When my hubby is at work and when Kaylei was in school....he has been my little buddy pretty much 24/7.  His birthday was last Monday and I even went through his birth photos and scanned through the years of his little life reminiscing the time that has passed.  I thank all of you that has stuck in there with me on my repeated Birthday posts and given repeated wishes.   I decided I best stop being in denial, because it won't make him any younger...or me for that matter.

I really just had a crazy pregnancy with this little one.  Who am I kidding.....a big one!  He was 12 pounds and 5 ounces born on Tuesday, June 3!  He was induced via cesarean 2 weeks earlier than his due date around the June 17 because he was getting big so fast.  I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy for the most part.  When he was born and I had went in to be induced I was so ready!   I could barely walk and I was definitely waddling.  Around month 6 1/2 I lost the feeling in my upper right leg.  I had previously had a pinched sciatica off and on and the pressure caused my nerve to pinch which caused the numbness in my leg.  I was really worried that the feeling wouldn't return, but a month after he was born it did.

  After everything was all set up for the cesarean to begin, I couldn't get the thought of not being able to move my toes out my head.  I even had to ask for the nurse to move my foot because it was driving me nuts.  As the doctors pulled him out, I remember hearing them betting with each other on how much he weighed!  It was really a shocker to them in his size and in my doctors years of birthing, he has stated that our baby was the largest baby he had ever delivered!   My husband was able to be in there with me and he really was in shock on the process and how much he actually got to experience.  The sounds of the spillage on the floor after the cesarean had started really got him the most.....he got to cut the cord and he was so happy to finally have his son.  I really thought he would pass out, but he didn't.   I was watching his face as they did their work and his eyes were huge.  He did an awesome job and I am so glad he was able to be there with me.  He was not able to be with me in the room when Kaylei was born due to a few health issues I was having.

What happens when you are pregnant with a double digit baby?  Let me show you. 
See that beautiful little beaming big sister....she was so happy to have a little brother.  Within 2 weeks I blew up like a balloon!  He was around 8 pounds when I went for my ultrasound in the beginning of May.  I think back and wonder if I would have went the next 2 weeks just how big would he have gotten. We skipped right to the 3-6 month old clothes when he was born, because he didn't fit in 0-3 month old clothes.  I mean we are talking like 15 pounder here!  Gheez....scary thought.  I was absolutely miserable with the Carolina heat and was getting grouchier by the day.  I am just glad he was happy and healthy!   

I would like to add that although I gained around 40 pounds with him, I lost all of my pregnancy weight by time I left the hospital on day 5.  I have always heard that you gain more with girls and it doesn't just go away when they are born and it does when you have a boy.   I really didn't believe that, but that really was the case with me.  Awesome!  Oh, for those of you who do not know.....Gregoireperdew is not my last name.  It is Gregoire-Perdew, but I just go with Perdew.  Gregoire(Grig wa or Greg wa) is my maiden name and since my father died when I was a week old, I kept it.  My children however just have the Perdew portion....that would have just been mean to pass the double name down.

Happy Monday Ya'll!
Have you found any way to make it easier to cope to your littles getting bigger and being their own little person?

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