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DIY Coloring Book

My kids LOVE when I print them coloring pages or other activity sheets.   I decided it would possibly be easier to print them pages here and there rather than buying specific coloring books.  It seems to be that most of the coloring books have so many activities in them.   Don't get me wrong activities are all fine and dandy, but not the same as a coloring book.   I remember when I was younger, there were hardly if any activity pages in our coloring books.  Now, I do pick them up coloring books every once in a while for a prize for behaving in the store or something.  I try not to buy to many, because majority of the time I end up picking them up off the floor just barely surviving with all the pages crazy and bent.  Coloring pages are always all over the place.....never left in the book.  Having the kids art work  all over the house never gets old.   While we are talking about coloring, I have to say that it really makes me so excited to see how well my son colors.  He has been coloring like the above photo since he was 3.  He is very particular and takes his time when coloring so it turns out as neat as possible; in the lines(for the most part) and no white spots.   I hope he will still color as well when he gets in school.  It worries me because there is a time constraint on the activities at school and I don't want him getting all upset because he couldn't finish his work the way he wanted.  We will cross that little adventure when we get to it. 

My son learned his ABC's, however we are working on the letter recognition side of it.  I grabbed images from Bing and Google with the words "FREE ABC COLORING PAGES" and VOILA, lots of coloring pages.  One day I figure out how everyone creates such awesome images and I will be able to do it myself.  I really want to be able to provide a print here option rather than going to an outside imaging source to prevent one from hopping all over and downloading images.  For now it is easier to go to the net.  I wanted to include the big letter and the small letter, as well as only "A" related pictures.   We started out with only the letter A book, because I did not want to overwhelm him with all of the letters.  Not to mention, he would want to color the whole book.  It is a work in progress, because he just wants to color....BUT he is learning his letter recognition through coloring and other activities we have created.   I will jump at any chance to provide some creativity within my kids.  This was just one more way to include fun and learning in one.

I hope you enjoyed this activity, and I hope it can be put to good use in your home!

*Images were all free via internet searching.  If you see an image on Consider Me Inspired, it was free some where on the internet.  I will always let you know if they were my own. 

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