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3-D Embellished Smash Frames

Beach Embellishments on top of frame
Chip Board Spinner on upper right corner
Seashells to the right glue on top of the glass 
To the left a 3-D beach wave
Back is a beach themed scrapbooking paper
Footprints made with glue and sand

This Family Memory Frame is more about the kids and the fun they have at the beach.  I took a page out of the SMASH notepad and sat down with the kids and asked them what they thought about the top memories of Summer.

Outside is the beach embellishments with sand from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and a small shell to the left.
Glass was glued on back and scrapbooking paper was placed behind the glass. 
Note was placed inside the frame on top of glass

*Scrapbooking sand was Mod Podged to the frame and sand was sprinkled on top and once that layer was dry I went back over the frame with Mod Podge so the sand wouldn't fall off.

His and Hers Smash frame is special to me, because His and Her time is especially important to me.  As a couple, we always make sure we have lots of fun in our family and in our boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  I say boyfriend/girlfriend relationship because we make sure to keep the fun in our marriage.  Good Times Together!  Top frame- Embellishments, on top of frame is sand that was glued and 2 round seashells. The top of the glass frame is a fench along side a beach and each post is coated in Dimension paint for the 3-D effect.  On the back of the frame the rest of the beach scene was attached.

Top of the frame is 3-D Smash Frame Sea embellishments; a piece of cord my brother knotted up for me; 
small round mirrors with glitter glue placed around the for the port hole look.  On top of the glass frame is a patch of 2 types of dried grass and placed behind the seashell and message in a bottle.  Glue and sprinkling sand made the bottle look like it does.  All of the paper on top of the glass.

I hope you enjoyed these frames as much as I do!  

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