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Make a Family Vacation/Summer SMASH Frame plus more

Have you heard of Jo-Ann Craft & Fabrics?  Well, you are in for such a treat.  I had the pleasure to be within driving distance to one of their stores, so I headed on over.  Of course, I could have ordered online where there was tons of specials and sales, but what fun is that.  I like to look at the packages and weigh my options in person.  If you are like me then you want it now and just can not wait for it to be mailed.  Then again I love the surprise of a big package of new art and craft goodies arriving right at my front door!  Either way you can not go wrong.

They have so many options in arts, crafts and fabrics to choose from.  We hit the jackpot of days to go in there, because there was red .97 tags all over the place.  I thought I had died and went to clearance heaven. I am sure you already know, but crafting and creating is my thing and it gives my day joy to make something.

Kids and Summer; Crafting and Creating........oh and bored kids.  Kids are always wanting something new to do and all kids are different.  They all are interested by different hobbies.  How can you get family time, make memories and create art?  I have the answer for you....Smash Frames!   I came across a similar project in Summer of Jo-Ann Cape Discovery.  Cape Discovery is the name of their project catalog with lots of ideas and inspirations to keep your Summer fun.  This catalog has 28 fun filled pages for you to browse through and get inspired.

 What is a Smash frame? A journal, diary, art book, idea book, collage, biography, scrapbook and just about anything you want it to be all SMASHED together.  Pretty interesting, huh!  I thought so too.  It is the perfect thing to tie the little kids with the big kids and not leave out the adults.

Here is the side by side for better viewing for some Jo-Ann inspiration Consider Me Inspired style.

Since I have a 5 year old and 7 year old this was perfect for them to have some sticker fun and me to get my photo and craft time in.  They each have their own book to occupy themselves on our 11 hour drive back to North Carolina. When we get home we can go back and checked out what they SMASHed into their books.

If you want the details on how I made these check out the 3-D Embellished Smash Frame Post.

Product List:
Jo-Ann Craft Essentials- 3-D Embellishments
Me&My Big ideas- Soft Spoken- Embellishments
Jolee's  boutique- Dimensional Stickers
Deja Views- Chipboard Spinner
Busy Kids- Kids' Camp Stickers {an entire line of kits and such just for kids}
4"x6"- Just a Frame- 4pk $9.99
Acrylic Paint custom blended
Glitter Glue
2 in. round mirrors
Dimension Paint
Mod Podge- Matte
Smash Pads 
Scrapbooking paper

-Glue- the sample pack of the best glue including 4 different glues. Like E 6000, Goop etc...

*Extra option- Use 4x6 glass {$1 Tree} to attach to the backs of the frames.  For the backdrop of your 4x6 frames you can do the glass or just use a paper photo covered in scrapbooking paper.

All of these items helped create the newest home decor/art in my home.  I plan on pulling the back paper out and putting more personalized family photos with those ever so great 3-D Embellishments.  They were really easy to make too.   

*You just basically decide what your theme is going to be first off.  Play around with your embellishments to see what scene placement you want to pull it all together.  {the kids can choose what theme and even hand you the stickers }
*My mom was so sweet to mix me some custom paint colors for frames.  {the little ones will have fun with this} 
* Once they are dry you can attach either the glass or the cardboard that came with the frame.  
* Place and glue{Super Thick Tacky Glue} Let dry and enjoy your frames.  They all have a little dowel for the stand so you can have a vertical or horizontal photo.

While at Jo-Ann we found their lovely Idea Center!
 This little shelf had a rack on all 4 sides full of FREE ideas and inspirations for creating all the projects you could possibly think of making.  I love these and they are such a help with finding new things to do and it also tells you how to make them.  It does not get much better than that.

GO GREEN YA'll!  Craft, Create and Conserve.

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