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Are you in a Snack Time Burn Out?

Are your kids tired of the same ole snacks?  Are you tired of the same ole snacks?  I know we get burnt out on the same ole snacks at our house. No need to feel blah about snack time any more.  These are some quirky little recipes we have on our list of new and loved snacks. 

*Modify to fit your lifestyle.  Portion, Reduced fat, Fat Free, Low Fat, Sugar Free, Reduced Sodium, Fresh etc.

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches
Get your favorite graham cracker{chocolate or honey} and break in the center of each one.  Scoop on some slightly firm{not frozen}sugar free fat free whipped topping and top with your remaining graham cracker half.  Place in freezer on open pan for a quick flash freeze.  Remove from freezer and plastic wrap each square individually for a quick on the go snack.

Fruit Freezies
Make a freezie by putting a liquid like water, juice or milk into blender with fruit. The mixture should not be runny but with a applesauce like thickness.   You can place them in small paper cups with a popsicle stick straight up in it. Freeze.

Waffle Sandwich
Blend fresh fruit up with pudding and spoon on top a waffle and make a sandwich out of it.  Wrap in plastic wrap and place in freezer until ready to eat. You can cut this in half for a snack sized portion or even eat it for dessert.

Fruit and Cheese Kabobs
Slice and cheese into cubes and slice your fruit.  Chill and then place on a skewer.  You can do in whatever you wish. This is fun for the kids to help out with.

Cucumber Rolls
Thinly slice a chilled cucumber lengthwise and place cream cheese at the end and roll up and enjoy. 

Pudding in a Bag
Make your own pudding and place in plastic bags.  Snip the end off a corner to eat snack.  *Make sure the bag is a thicker zip lock so no plastic is bitten off.

Pudding Pops
Make pudding according to the box instructions and pour into small paper cups.  When slightly firm insert popsicle sticks into the center.  When done pop out and enjoy outside.

Popcorn Krispies
Using your favorite Rice Krispies recipe method, use fresh homemade popcorn (no butter} instead of the cereal. While it is still pretty hot(not too hot), mix in dried fruit and other ingredients you wish to add. Place in the bottom of a casserole pan and push flat. (Use dampened hands or wax paper to help prevent sticking.) Let set on the counter until firm.

Ants on a Log
Slice and wash celery stalk and cut into 3 sections per stalk.   Slather a bit of peanut butter along the rib and top with raisins.  

PB and Pretzels Dippers
Place a small spoonful of peanut butter on a plate with pretzels beside it.  For more fun you can blend a little jelly into peanut butter to have pb&j pretzels. This snack will keep them going until the next meal.

Butterflies Pins
Make any snack more appealing by putting it in a snack baggie and closing it with a special butterfly clothespin.  You can make those by painting a wooden clothespin into a beautiful butterfly.  Decorate further with floral wire or pipe cleaner for the antennae, google eyes and the snack bag serves as the wings.  It is a really fun looking snack.  Place dried snacks or even fruit into the bags and pinch and clip clothespin across the center.  Voila!  

Cool Cubes
Place large chunks of fruit into ice trays and fill with flavored water. Kids can suck on the ice and then eat the fruit. This is a great refresher for those hot summer days.

Cracker Stackers
This is a perfect snack for you kids to make their food and be creative.  Use saltines or the little sweet round crackers, sliced cheese, thinly sliced apples and honey. Stick it all together with a toothpick and serve.  

Fruit Molds
 Put your favorite fruit into a bowl and pour in gelatin (prepared according to box instructions) before it is set.   Place it into the fridge before you transfer to a plate and top with whipped cream.

Cereal Mix
This one is so easy and makes it really fun to eat too.  When you are down to one serving or even a little more than one pour the leftovers into an airtight container.  Shake it up after a few types of cereal has been poured in the container; add dried fruit or other dried choices to you cereal mix.  Mix thoroughly and serve in colorful snack baggies or even for breakfast. 

Cinnamon Sugar Chips
You can slice your tortillas in strips or even cut like a pizza.  Fry them up and toss in cinnamon and sugar. 

Cool Pinwheels
You can pretty much do anything with a tortilla wrap.  You can melt cheese in them, stuff them with fruits, veggies, creams and pretty much anything else you can think of.  Roll with plastic wraps and place in fridge until chilled.  The last step is to take it out and slice it into pinwheels. Enjoy.

What kind of snacks do you like make?  We would love to hear your favorites. 

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