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Summer Fun- Happy Sunday

We love all the activities that come along with Summer and sometimes we just need a little reminder to just go outside and play.  I know I can easily get caught up inside on the computer or doing other things and I decided to put together a little Summer Fun Word Art picture to go up on the fridge just as a friendly little reminder of getting fresh air and enjoying our Summer.  How do you think it turned out?  So far our Summer has gone awesome.  I really could not imagine it going any better.  We have had so much quality family time lately and it is really nice.  Those are a few of the things we love about Summer.  How is your Summer going?  

You know some of the stores are already putting out Christmas stuff and I am like "WHAAAT!"  Can you believe that?  Winter clothes and jeans are already being restocked in a few stores too and to me that is crazy.  Fashions are always changing and my blogging friend Ginger over at Beauty and The Travel Beat is keeping us up to date with the upcoming season's fashion as well as lots of other beauty tips.

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