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Chica from Sprout is in the House!

 Chica is always involved in some kind of adventure and learning something new.  Who is Chica?  She is only the brightest and cheeriest little chicken on Sprout!  The way she explores new feelings and things is really helping my preschooler.  Something I like as a parent is that every episode has something to teach and it all comes out perfectly on a preschooler level.   My kids are so happy to be Sproutlets. Even my oldest loves dressing up and the new season of Chica just gave them an excuse to dress up when their imagination calls.  In my kids eyes dressing up is the ultimate adventure and is so cool in their words.  Dressing up just gets their imagination flying.  They jumped up and down with joy when they found out that they were going to get to dress up with The Chica Show.  

I asked my kids why they liked The Chica Show and they said they like that it has imagination.  Also, they said that it is really neat when you can just be whoever you want to be.  It is bright, cheery and is full of fun learning.  We will be celebrating the upcoming season of The Chica Show on Monday, July 29 by dressing up and tuning in at 11:30 a.m.  The costumes are all ready and my kids have literally wanted to wear them everyday.  They finally got them and have been running around in their costumes ever since.  We got to creating and have not only managed to bring laughter and smiles in my home, but also to the people in the passing cars that caught a glimpse and just smiled.   

              Aarrrrgh!      Pirate Kaylei                               Up, Up and Away!  Super Hero Gerry
*Materials to make both creations were provided to explore dressing up with the brand new season of The Chica Show.  

Head on over to Sprout online for the instructions to not only these costume creations, but a few more.  They have crafts, coloring pages and even recipes for you to explore. The instructions are easy and the items don't cost much.  You probably already have enough items at home to make one or more of the costumes for a great day of dress up.  The clothes are part of the adventure and makes imagining that much more enjoyable!  I hope we inspired you to get your Sproutlet ready to dress up.  I would love to see your costumes and creations.  Don't forget to watch the brand new episode of The Chica Show and see what is happening in the Costume Coop!  Have a great weekend. 

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