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Fairy Party Shadow Wall

How do you make the best party ever?   A shadow wall of course!

We set up this double purple plastic table clothes we got for a buck each with clear duct tape to attach them to the cement porch beams.  We had all of our spot lights set up in the back and was ready to start doing some shadow pictures.  For some reason every time it rains the winds blow super hard and it was fixing to rain.  The wind blows so hard it blows every thing off the porch and across the yard.  Really crazy!  Anyhoo, our wall was a quick backdrop for family photos and not as a shadow wall because the wind made its way with our decorations.  It was still pretty and I have wanted to try the cupcake flowers for a long time.

*You have to be super careful when popping the light through the cupcake liner because if it tears too much it will just keep falling off.  The ones that I accidentally ripped a bit much, I just attached a mini white cupcake liner in front of it to hold it.  It is really pretty and if you have the time and patience I would say try  this out.

The plan was to have all of our little fairy girls put their wings and tutus on and stand behind the wall and give a cool pose so we could have a few photos of fairy silhouettes of all the girls. :)  I just know it would have been so pretty.  I plan on attempting the shadow wall again in the future though.

  This was for a party for the girls and in their gift bags my mom got all the kids the blow up bam bam things.   Fun times.

We are in the process of planning our next little get together.  My Kaylei-bug is turning 8 in just 3 days!

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