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Make a Cake in a Can

Get your can....the only aluminum cans we have found this large are coffee tins.  Hopefully, you have one of these little babies laying around your house.

Grease and flour your can just like a pan.  Make your cake per the package directions and pour it into the can.  This particular package was meant for 24 cupcakes, so it was rather small.  It was smaller smaller than your average cake by time it baked.

 It came out of the can super easy and it cooked nicely.  I think we will try a regular cake mix next time.  It was not as moist as we wanted it to be, but I think it was an error in the batter not the method.  It was a little dense, but still good.  That colored frosting comes made like that already and it even has cute little sprinkles.

This was the first of our can baking excursions and there will be more to follow.  With all things you do the first time there are a few little kinks that some time pop up.  We sliced it in half to make a layered cake.  This cake would make the perfect giant cupcake cake though. Just saying........

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