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So Many Fun Uses for Glow Sticks

I snagged glow sticks last year for .25 a pack after Fourth of July at one of the sales.  I love a great deal and am almost always suckered into the little after holiday sales.  I try to wait until the 90% off but often hit it at the 75% off too because most of the time there is hardly anything left by time 90% comes.  After I bought them, they were put in a box and pulled back out this year unbroken.  The little tubes they come in are pretty sturdy. 

What did we do for fun with the kids on the Fourth?  We went to a firework show and dinner the night before at my moms church; the kids shot a few fireworks with my sister and brother; we went for a walk with the kids after we shot fireworks; cooked out and enjoyed family time.  By the way, I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.  My sister Brandy is 2 years under me and my brother David is 2 years under her; then we have a 18 year old sister and a 7 year old sister. 

Glow jars are just so neat.  Glow stick are bendable and easy to shove into different containers.  LIKE-  empty baby food jars and lids to other jars.  Repurposing at its finest. :) The lids below came from the square glass jars with the hollow glass bubble lids. They had the plastic seal, but they were aged and came undone easily.  My first idea was to cut open large glow sticks and pour it into jars, but then I found that it was bracelets instead of a large glow stick in each package.  I plan on trying the larger ones later on.

Put your glow sticks in your jars and fill it with water for that extra glow factor.

My first holiday without my hubs and boy did I miss him.  Even though we were not together, he is always on my mind and in my heart.  So, I decided to create a sweet little nothing for him.  I used a expo marker and did my I <3 U message on there so it would be easy to read.  Then, I went back over the letters and heart with a circular motion to make it stand out more.  Bold it if you will.  Expo marker wipes right off and you can go on about your business. So sweet!  I snapped a picture on my phone and sent it to my hubs in NC.

 My sister Brandy and brother David decided that they were going to go swimming in the pool later and I thought it would be really cool to have the jars as underwater lanterns to add a cool factor.  I took them out because the kids were ready to play with them.

Glow sticks provide endless hours of entertainment, especially for little kids.  These glow sticks originally came as a set of 3 bracelets with the little plastic connectors per pack.  I pulled them out of the jars and gave them to the kids.  We had 5 kids ages 4-7 to entertain with glow sticks.

What did they do with them?  

1. The boys played like they were Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers fighting with swords.
2. The girls pretended they were little angels and put them on top their heads.
3. The boys wore theirs as a glow necklace at first because they each had 2
4. The girls wore them as bracelets
5. They put them on the animals
6. My mom and I got decorated with necklaces and such for the kids amusement.
 {the kids did the decorating}
7. They were sitting and spinning them and I thought it was so neat how they looked, so I snapped a pic. 
8. We put the jars out in the yard in a circle to make a designated 1 person firework safety area. 
9. They can easily make bath time more fun too, just throw 'em in there. 
10. Glow sticks are easily turned into night lights for bed time. 

{Eventually they were all undone and turned into all of the above back and forth.}

So you have had entire day and night of fun with glow sticks.  
Want your glow sticks to last longer?  Put them in the freezer and it will last some the following night.  

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