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Alphabet Recognition- Practice Writing and Reviewing

How do you stay up to date with your children during school breaks? School is fixing to start back for not only my daughter, but my son will be attending Kindergarten this year. I have been reviewing ABC's with my son to make it easier for him when he does start going over this information in the beginning of school. We came up with a little ABC flash card stick activity to help out with letter recognition. Going over each stick with him is starting to his letter recognition. 

Popsicle Stick Activity

Grab your favorite learning booklet and pull your Alphabet page out.

I had the 1 sided self-seal laminating sheets so I just put one on top and then put one on the back.  You can use the double sided laminating sheets if you like.  I happened to have this on hand already, so I did not bother.

*Cut your letters.

We practiced writing each letter with the cards to get more familiar with each one. My kids love anytime they get to pull out the markers and do some drawing it is a fun time to them. I want them to be excited to learn in a fun environment so they do not get bored.

What about the little letters??

Problem solved. Hot glue your flash card to a giant popsicle stick and write a little a on the bottom.  So, now you have the big letters and little letters covered. Have fun with your littles making new learning memories. My son loves to get all of his letter sticks 

How do you review?

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