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Back to School Apple Countdown Board~ Tutorial

How many days do we have left until school starts? That is the question I have heard every day for the last month. I made the kids a little countdown board to help them out. Quick and simple little project. 

Cutting board- Snag one from a thrift store if you can....I did.

Espresso Paint 
Red Paint

Chalkboard Spray

Tape off the center with tape and spray and let dry. Repeat.

Back of the countdown board:

I loved how it came out and the picture does not do the justice it deserves. You will just have to do it to see for yourself. Once dry you can start on the front.

I did the front a little different. I swept the red across, not heavy. I wiped with a paper towel so you could still see the wood design. I love how wood looks and did not want to cover it up. I swept a little espresso over the front to blend the color and wiped with the paper towel. 

I cut two leaves from hunter green cardstock and attached to the corner with tacky glue.
Attach the yellow ribbon to the top and you are all done. 

I used tic marks instead of writing out the number so my littles had to count how many days was left instead of just saying the number. Making their little brain work a bit more. I tried to write perfect, but all I had was the kids outside chalk and it was kinda busted. It is okay, I am all about using what you have for projects.This was the perfect...use what you have project. I bought that board months ago to replicate a Pottery Barn Chalkboard for the kitchen, but my kitchen is all set with planners

Do you remember dusting erasers for your teachers in grade school? It was one of the most wanted tasks when I was in 4th grade. Everyone just wanted their chance to go outside and smack erasers together and against the brick building to watch that huge cloud of chalk dust stir. No such thing, now we make chalk boards for fun and to add some jazz to something. Did you dust erasers? 

 Enjoy ya'll. 

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