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Diy Routine and Goal Boards

Getting back on a school schedule is our goal right now. We are a little behind with getting back to our normal bedtimes and routines. With my son starting school this year, I really needed to step up our daily routine. I have quite a few Expo dry erase boards in my kitchen. I have 4 in total, but decided to just use 2 for the routine center. My favorite way to plan and schedule is by writing them all down. The whole physical part of the process is my favorite. It is in my face and erasing and replanning is a cinch. My husbands work schedule is all crazy right now too, so this routine center really helps keep me sane some days. I will be off my normal blogging schedule for the next 2 weeks trying to get set up with the kids routine. I have always wanted to try one of those cord strung photo frames and this was the perfect opportunity to try this craft out.

You Need:
Laminated Responsibility Images- Print and press with the self lamination sheets
Paint Cards- Disney ones and the 7 section slide ones
Picture Frame
1 Piece of material ($1 at A.C. Moore)
Utility Staples
Mod Podge
Scrapbooking paper

How about all of that color. It makes the day brighter. 

Attach your jute cord at the desired lengths, whether it is lengthwise or by width.  The utility staple gun works great for this job. 
Attach your fabric to the piece of cardboard or use the cardboard piece in the frame.  Secure in the back with double sided tape. 
Paint cards
Fold over but do not crease your square and snip from the corner across to get even length.
Print your letters out, apply a small dab of Mod Podge, attach your letter and paint over with the Mod Podge. Let Dry completely.

I have one all set to go for each day of the week. For the days of the week that are longer than 6 letters, I attached the cards to one another with the clips.

Responsibility Charting
Pop a hole through the image and put it where you want.

Since I have one boy and one girl I did it like this.

Top line is their everyday tasks: Make bed, pick up clothes, shoes etc.
The next line is the chosen chores for that day.

I am swapping them up each day and giving chores according to age.

You can twist the brads if you want, but I just wanted it to be easy so I pressed down on the jute. The brad is on either side of the jute holding it in place. 

**The best part about this  board is that it has images of the task as well as the words, so it works double time. My son does not read, but gets the task from the picture and my daughter loves the cute pictures and reads. Now, granted that doesn't mean that the chores always get done. I swear it is like pulling teeth with them lately to do anything. I have tried so many forms of reward systems and bribes to get them to pick their room up and they will do some of it and then that is it. 

You Need:
Expo Board
Washi type tape- 2 pack at the Dollar tree {striped and polka together}
Paint strips for the stars of completion.

See that lovely little "TEAM AWESOME?" It came as an extra in my Kidecals package the other day. This project is pretty simple and I wish I would have thought about it sooner. I love the layout and the colors.

You know I had to get in on the action as well. I went with this design for my board, because I needed a little more space for my to do list. Separating that large white space really helped me get my different tasks in order. You can always remove them and start over if you find cuter tape or it just was not set up the way you wanted it. I am enjoying my boards and so are the kids.

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How are you getting back in the groove if you schedule has changed? 

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