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I am Not a Grammar Nut

Blogging is not blogging without proper grammar.  Sure you can blog everyday and not use proper grammar, but it will cost you readers.  Grammar has always been a fear of mine, even before starting to blog.   I learned what I needed to in order to complete the given assignment and poof it was gone from my brain.  Obviously, I knew enough to pass with A's and B's in high school and college or else I wouldn't have gotten those particular grades.   I know grammar is so elementary, but it seems to get past me.  I get in the moment of typing and completely skip over proper punctuation. 

I had no interest in grammar while I was in school.  Going to school every day and just doing the work gets you by, but it hurts you in the long run.  In Language Arts(high school), I used to fall asleep from boredom while in class.  While in high school, I worked a full-time job as well.  That contributed to my lack of interest due to being tired and having other things on my mind. 

Guys, I want to apologize to you if you are reading my posts and are having those errors going off in your brain.  I found this website the other day and I plan on studying up on the use of proper grammar.  I just type and really do not think of the effect it has on some of you.  Hopefully, that will keep some of your heads from exploding while reading my posts.

  Inspired by Familia

grammar cheat sheet

Seriously, check this out if you are not so talented in the grammar department.  

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