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Oh the Cows...and all of the Fabulous Billboards!

I have realized over the years that I am in love with Chick Fil A cow signs.  However, I only eat the grilled chicken sandwiches there and the waffle fries are pretty awesome.  How crazy is it for me to love the signs but not the food.  Lots of people find that they like something in particular and I just want the signs.  I am not interested in the nic knacks, calendars, cups or other collectibles.  I do not have one cow thing in my home, but over the last few years I have snapped a photo of every single cow sign I have passed.  If I missed the sign due to a truck obstructing my view or it was raining too hard, I would catch it on my next trip by.  You may see one here and there, but no city has as many cow signs as Atlanta, GA.  I am not talking about the regular flat billboards, but the ones with the cow statues.  They just brighten my day.  I hope they will make your Monday brighter.

You probably was not expecting that.  So far those are all of the cow billboards we have passed.  Mostly in Georgia and the others were in NC and MS.  These billboards and the giant peach water tower in Gaffeney, SC make traveling less painful. 

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