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10 Delicious Sandwiches from Leftovers

Everyone has their limits on leftovers. Leftovers are quite boring. I normally have leftovers and we have it for lunch the next day or if it "Leftover Night," then we will have it again. Making leftovers stretch into something more than what it once was. I often do something different with the leftovers and sandwiches is normally the go to quick meal or leftover remake at our home. I wanted to share with you a few leftovers we have made over.  How do you feel about leftovers? What do you do with your leftovers?
*You can knock the breading off if you like, use some low fat mayo or even some Greek yogurt and some whole wheat bread. The chicken was sliced in half and it was baked in the oven and stuffed with lean ham, Muenster cheese and coated with Italian bread crumbs. 

We had leftover steak, so we made Steak Grilled Cheese!

Leftover Pork Chops= Deliciousness! Grab you a freshly baked loaf of French bread and you are good to go. We added sharp cheddar, mayo and pickles to top it off. This was a mac daddy sandwich!

Leftover Turkey- Shredded and sauteed with red onions, topped with bacon & provolone.

Leftover grilled steak- See that post right HERE.

I do not have a photo of our meatball subs, because they were so darn delicious, we ate them all up.
Leftover meatballs from spaghetti can be turned into-Toasted meatball subs with your favorite ooey gooey cheese. Have I ever mentioned that I am a cheese lover? I admit, it IS my weakness. Do you have a food weakness?

Lastly is leftover chicken....or eggs.
A double leftover sandwich....WIN!

I know I often have leftovers in the fridge and I love seeing what can be made from what we already have.

What do you think of these remakes?
Are you feeling adventurous to see what you can make with your leftovers?

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Have a great day ya'll.

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