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Make S'mores in a Jar

I have already fallen into the Fall spirit. Fall is my favorite time of year. When it is cool and crisp out, the spices of the season are in the air and the beautiful Autumn colors are spread across all of the trees. No matter whether it is chilly out or hot out, s'mores are always a winner. Log snugglin' with s'mores is always a great way to share any moment. What about when it is raining outside? You can not very well go out and have a s'mores. One day when it was raining, probably the 3rd day in a row mind you, we wanted s'mores so badly and it was not happening. Or was it? Mason jars are always in my heart, oh and my kitchen. Mason jars are so versatile and they can be used over and over again....not to mention you can put them 'in' the oven. Welp, that is exactly what we did. 

*Place in oven just until nice and gooey at 350.

Every bite was so rich and decadent. We actually split ours due the sweetness of it all. Still very delicious and is chalked up on our favorite recipes list. How often do you get to enjoy s'mores?  

The directions are so simple....after your s'more cake cools, you can start putting your happiness in a jar. Follow the muffin directions and to get your graham cracker crumbles you smash up a pack or two of graham crackers and mix it with about a tablespoon of melted butter. Once, you mix the butter in you just work it into the crumbs until the consistency changes. You will know because it won't fall apart as easily. You will then press a thin layer{not too thin} into the bottom of the cupcake pan. Use the foil cupcake prevents any sticking and makes removal a cinch. 

Any questions? Are you not just wanting a s'mores now? 

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