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Flat Stanley Adventures

Flat Stanley was once a normal boy and BAM a board fell and smashed him flat while he was sleeping one night. Flat Stanley came for a visit in our home and went on vacation and had lots of adventures worthy of sharing. I had never heard of this book until my daughter came home with her already made Flat Stanley....right before Spring Break. Flat Stanley adventures help introduce geography, social studies and the best of all reading. Have you ever participated in any Flat Stanley adventures? How did it go? 

We headed to the local library and played around with their magnet board and the foam letters. I love how the title turned out.....
The one on the left is the one she made at school and the 2nd one we made at home. I searched the internet and found the template for it. You can find it on the Flat Stanley website with lots of other information and games you may even want to try yourself. We cut it out and went to the store to have it laminated. 

So Flat Stanley visited:
North Carolina Foothills
Boarded a plane with Kaylei's Aunt Summer and went to Germany and India.

A few things he did: 
Became a Martial Artist and won a metal
Cat rodeo- our kitty was not a happy camper, but it was fun for the kids
Played with our Mustache Straws
Had some coffee with mom at Starbucks
Hung around at the library and the Science center
Hung around at Barnes and Nobles
and so much more

We frequent our local Barnes and Nobles at least once a week. I just knew there would be lots of adventures there. We was not disappointed and here are all of the books we ran across while on our adventures. Plus, he rode the toy train and pretended to be a conductor.
There are much more books than this and they are always coming out with new ones to explore and enjoy. The kids had fun pulling books from the shelf and seeing the many books. My favorite part was the imagination and exploring that came with Flat Stanley. I am so glad he visited us.

I actually had fun doing this activity with my daughter. It was so exciting for her and she already loves pretend play. Welp, that is all of our adventures for now. Have a Flat Stanley project of your own? I would love for you to share the link so we can check it out. 

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