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Summer Parenting Battle

Are you the cool parent that gives in easily when you little(s) want something? Do you want you kids to be cool? Get in with the 'it' crowd? I want her to have quality friends, be confident and keep her bright little shining personality. I want her to have clothes to cover her and I want her to be happy. We try our best to make sure she has a choice in the clothes she wears. So she still feels cool and pretty. Choices that are given to her in a range of our acceptable picks. However, when it comes to friends, friends seem to be more powerful than the word of mom or dad. I wish I could prevent future battles when she is bigger over certain things. Learning, constructive advice and guidance to the best way by options. Hopefully this will be the answer to getting through the battles as both of our children get older. I know it will come anyway and I should be so fortunate to have my biggest battle be over a bathing suit. The Summer will soon be coming to an end and so will the 2-piece conversation that seems to keep reoccurring.

So what happened? My newly turned 8 year old decided she would try to put her foot down on getting to wear a 2-piece. She went as far as to put them under her clothes to wear it. NOT! Call me old fashioned, but she will be fully covered. How did she get a 2-piece in the first place if she isn't allowed to wear them? It was handed down from a cousin and it happened to be in the Summer stash when I pulled it out.  Of course, it is cute and stylish, but to me it is inappropriate for her. I am more guarded when it comes to my kids and that is the main reason. Obviously, I don't wear them because I am bigger, but I wouldn't even if I was an acceptable 2-piece size. The battle of the setting a better example here is not in play. Seriously, the only way I would let her where anything out of this house with her belly showing is, well never. Undershirt required at all times. If she raises her arms and her belly shows with a regular shirt....undershirt required. I do let her walk around the house like that if she wants, but that is all. I don't want to censor her completely and want her to feel comfortable at home.

She has cried and thrown pouting fits all the way to puppy dog eyes to try to get what she wanted. She likes to take the silent treatment route. That really does not fly with me. I am the stricter of the two of us. My husband is the "fun one." Well, the silent treatment urks me(ask my hubby). I like to think that I am immune to the puppy dog eyes. I do not care what the other kids are doing. That seems to be her argument leg as of late. It is all about what other kids are doing and it has nothing to do with what she really likes. I have no answer to this one and I guess the answers will come with time. Luckily, I am a female and was once a child that knows the ways of trickery. I did it too and I wanted to fit in with the other kids, but I was more of a shirt and shorts type of kid for swimming. It is all innocent fun for now and I am not terribly worried about it, but it is a battle. I pray that patience develops as my strong suit as they get older and just let it go.

 Did you have a battle this Summer? How did you deal with it? What about this situation, any advice?

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