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80's Tutu, Diva, Corpse Girl

The title explains the costume and makeup choices favored the most by our 8 year old. Pretty and scary is what she says. Our daughter has decided to be a 1/2 dead 80's chic for Halloween. If you knew her, you would know that the 80's theme with all the bright and fun colors fits her personality perfectly. Bouncing, twirling, sparkling and princessing is her game. Now, I really do not think that is a word, but hey it works for me. Every year she wants to mix pretty and fancy with scary. So, I am working with what my child wishes for. I have made numerous tutus over the years and I love that I can make them. Making clothing is not my strong suit, but tutus are so easy. There are tons of tutu tutorials out there and I am joyed to add another. You can never have too many in my opinion.

The easiest cutesy little girl dress up accessory EVER!

Dark Purple ribbon measured to the waist plus lots of extra
1 Roll of Blue Tulle cut to 24" 
1 Roll of Pink Tulle cut to 26"
1 Roll of Green Tulle cut to 28"
1 Roll of Black Tulle Glitter cut to about 35

I wanted a stacked result, so that is why I used 3 different sizes. This was a total.....cut and hope it works. I did a few test strips to get the feel for the stacked length and look we were going for.  For it to turned out stacked center your blue, pink and green tulle and line up and loop it through. It took about 45 total to tie the tutu. I promise if you try it, you will be surprised in how easy it is. I for one will never buy another tutu again.

I tried out this method last year I ran across on a webpage. Well, kind of. I really needed to use 2 ply tissue that had been separated and put on with eyelash glue. I did not have any and I had used all of my Halloween budget money and it completely slipped my mind. I used what I had, which was white streamer paper. Now that I look at it, it could have used a little more blackness on the cheeks. The streamer paper was attached to the face with eyelash tacky. After it dried, I painted on some black face goop and black and blue eyeshadow blend. Each year the face makeup is really my crazy moment. It is not my strength, but it always turns out looking okay. Last year, time was not on our side. Our goal is always to get out early enough to go trick-or-treating when candy is fully stocked. We always try to get everyone ready after they get home from school....have dinner done and try to beat the crowd. It was rush, rush. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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