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Banana-BOO Pudding

It just does not get better than banana pudding...with all that yummy whipped cream and cookies that have softened into the most perfect cake like texture. We love banana pudding at our house, so we made some. This is a perfect dessert to let the kids take part in. Lining all those cookies and bananas up helps coordination. It provides some nice quality time too.

Isn't it boo-tiful? 

One of the most fanciest yet simplest desserts. Even though it is nice on a nice hot day to cool off, it is also great for a crisp Fall day. Now, I did recently read that back in the day Banana Pudding was actually cooked. I like it this way...the way I grew up on.

Layered sliced bananas, vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding and creamy whipped topping. Let it sit overnight for that perfectly intertwined pudding casserole. Find a fancy glass and serve it up.

That is it. I will spare you the long post of something that is so easy. I just wanted to share with you.

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