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Lots of DIY Costumes for Boys and Girls

When we were little, we did not have the luxury of going out buying a new Halloween costume. My mom used to make every one of our costumes. We often dressed up in simple costumes that we loved every time. How about some old school costumes. I am a fan of old school stuff. Oh, I forgot to mention I was born in the 80's when things seem to have been simple. Maybe it was because I was little, but still thinking back it was less complicated. BEST place to get a costume at better quality is to start with real clothes. I am not to big a fan of the store costumes. They are cold and always have weird slits up the back with velcro and are poor quality. You have to dress your children in more clothes under them just to keep them warm. I opt for real clothes and build on those for a costume. I try to make our kids costumes every year.

Simple DIY Costumes:

Super Hero
50's Guy
70's Character
80's Character
Evil Doctor 
Little Scientist

* Participate in a free Lowe's Build and Grow activity and you get free googles and apron that can be painted. This is a great addition to the Evil Doctor, Little Scientist or even the Artist

All of these costumes need little materials to work well. I find just looking through the kids toy boxes produce lots of costume worthy accessories.  Face paint really is the wow factor for most of these costumes. Any simple costume can be turned scary with a little face paint, blood and crazy hair....maybe even some dirt. For a few more ideas I made a Quick Kid Halloween Costume Ideas with 29 options on it last year. Some are repeats, but the basics of the costume are laid out and there are quite a few more on the list to work with and build from.

Let's get started!

Capes are really the best costume or dress up accessory there is. Think about it you can add a cape to any costume and it makes it pop even more. Not to mention the kids love running around and the cape flapping behind them. I managed to make a cape....being the non sewing gal I am. Well, when we did the Sprout dress up post....I had to make a cape. This scared me at first, because I had no idea how to get a cape. Luckily, my work and figure it out as I go really turned out well. This really is how my projects typically turn out by the way. Yes, I am a crafter, but it normally turns out in the process.

This stretch of fabric was just a little longer than his height. That is where the over under and the flip option came from. This allowed a thick collar strip that would sit as a collar on the back of his neck rather than something that would instantly choke him. The weight of the collar took slack off of the front where it tied. This is just how it worked out for me. If you happen to have a sewing machine, then you could come up with a different option. This one was hand sewn with a red floss thread. Check out that post HERE.

Superhero Mask:
This one really was a tad on the more tedious level. I took one of the plastic Mardi Gras mask that come in a bulk pack at the Dollar Tree and traced it on the felt with a chinese pencil. I cut the yellow a little larger on the outside to give the mask a little more. The eyes were the most challenging part of this. Cut your mask and cut a small hole in your mask to start and size it up to your childs head. For the mask to stay on, we used a piece of red ribbon that was sewn into each side and tied in the back to make it completely adjustable. 

We made a witch cape with a few yards of sheer and metallic spider web material right from the Walmart fabric section. I do want to make sure I point out I NEVER spend more than a few bucks a yard for material if I do happen to purchase it. Anytime I do make anything, I try to make sure not to cut it up to much, because you can reuse and remake anything you have as long as you keep in decent condition. I make as little alterations as possible. 

We bought the cheapest hat the store had and altered it. We did a red sparkle witch, so I glued a strip of red ribbon for the trim on the hat with a little bow. 

Don't forget the broom!
The following costumes are costumes I have made throughout the years:
Sparkle Witch
Red Dead Redemption Guy
Corpse Bride
Baby Gangster
Zombie Diva
*Check them out on Halloween for our Halloween Throwback post!

Pieced Costumes...partially bought:
Skull Pirate
Punk Rock Fairy
Baby Bear
Bumble Bee

What are some of your favorite thrifty costume ideas?

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