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Chocolate Coated Halloween Creature Cupcakes

Welp, that is it. So how were these made? 

Mix your cake mix as normal....pour 1/4 cup batter in each ice cream cone.  We did 7 cones and made regular cupcakes with the rest. Bake until knife or toothpick inserted comes out clean. Let cool completely. 

I mixed 30 drops of red food coloring in half the batter....enough for the Halloween themed cupcakes. This was not enough so if you want the red colored chocolate cupcake mix more than 30 drops.

I also took out a spoon of melted chocolate and mixed a few drops of food coloring in to get a different color and then I quickly spread the colored chocolate mixture onto the cupcake. Total was 3 cups with 2 colored greens and 1 orange. 

I used a Wilson Chocolate Melting pot and pour just a small amount of oil in there to keep the chocolate smooth. All of the white cupcakes, I dipped and rolled the melted chocolate on the tops.  I put them back in the fridge to get firm. Then we decorated them.

Chocolate bow from a chocolate mold cut in half for bolts
Black glitter icing
Candy eyes

Vampire teeth
Red Icing

1. Spider Web.....3 circles with a dot in the center....draw lines outward.
Plastic Spider

2. Orange food coloring and black glitter icing

Hershey kiss on a half chocolate cookie for witch hat...purple icing trim and black icing spiders
Candy eyes and black glitter icing smile

The chocolate coating gets pretty hard after it cools, so let them sit out before serving. Either way they are delicious and we all enjoyed the festive little cupcake cones. My favorite part was the white chocolate coating, you can never go wrong there. Enjoy ya'll.  

Have you made any spooky treats yet?

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