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Make a Spider Gourd for Halloween

I got to thinking about all of the awesomely creative things I have seen around the internet and on Pinterest and it really inspired me. I picked up this pack of gourds from the store and there was the coolest looking one in there and I knew it had to be a spider. I REALLY wanted to do the neat little vampire gourds I saw in the latest issue of Pottery Barn...for Halloween. I LOVED them and then as I got to looking around, it seems everyone was doing I had pass on that one. Super cute little Halloween craft though.


What you need:
Black spray paint or chalkboard spray paint....that is what I used
Black Chenille pipe cleaners
Hot glue/super glue
Googly eyes

Spray paint your gourd on the top and bottom...try to leave a center strip of orange from the gourd.
After it is all dry you can attach your chenille pipe cleaners to each side. 
4 legs per size.....get from cutting 4 pipe cleaners in the center

Be careful not to pull is pretty fragile. I ended up using super glue on one of the legs because it popped off and took the paint with it. After it dries fully, it is more durable. If you have any issue with the legs falling off and taking the paint you can hot glue again and after it is fully dry you can either repaint over it with a paint brush or even color it in with a permanent marker. I like the orange pop in the I only colored the hot glue spots that showed. I hope you get a chance to make this or at least put it on the to do list for future projects. This has been one of my favorite projects to do. Oh, don't forget to hot glue your eyes, so your spider can see. ;) 

Happy crafting!

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