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Repurposed Autumn Table Setup

Why repurposed you wonder? I will tell is fantastic, that is why. Repurposing is great because it means you get to use what you already have instead of going out spending more money. I mean really, why go out and buy something expensive when you can get cheap to free things. That is what I did. These are things I have collected over the years through sales, flea market buys, thrift store buys, free from mother nature and a few other places. They all fit so perfectly on the new Pottery Barn Sawyer table my hubby scored at work for me! 

Materials used
o Placemats as the runner
o Mason Jars
o Small blue tea light holders
o Bag of Gourds
o Amber Colored Centerpiece Jar
o Clear Glass Jar
o River rocks
o Cinnamon Sticks
o Acorns and other things found at the park
o Magnolia Pods
o Terra Cotta mini pots
o Wine corks- in trade for a relaxing evening

Here are the pieces.....
Wine corks, acorns and magnolia pods 

The acorns are all over the ground at the park, so we make a trip to play at the park and collect treasures. Basically, you can find so many free things that nature already provides. After you collect the acorns and pods....let them dry out for about a day or so. When the color changes, you will know they are done. The acorns started out green and soon turned brown. After they turned, I lightly sprayed them with gold spray paint. I did not want them to be all gold, so I just kind of misted and let them dry. Pretty simple right. 

This set up is mason jars I found out Kirkland's for $1.99 and I just had to have them. All beautiful Autumn colors that fit well with my theme. I could have collected rocks, but finding a bunch of pretty and already clean river rocks takes time. I took the shortcut and bought some. I put the river rocks at the bottom and fit a mini terra cotta pot in the center to hold a large tealight right on top. Beautiful! It is so up my alley.

For the centerpiece, I used this large amber colored glass vase I picked up for a buck. I got it at the flea market from a lady that said she had no clue what to use it for. Score for me! I am so glad I had a buck on me to get this steal of a deal. In this I put cinnamon sticks, river rocks, and golden misted acorns with a maroon pillar candle fitted right in the center.

The only thing I wanted for this table set up that I didn't run across is the little pop-pops...that is what we called them when we were little. We used to poke each other with them, and they hurt so bad if you step on them. You know, the little porky pine ball things that fall throughout the year. I really have no clue what they are really called. Do you? I am so happy how it turned out and everyone of these things can be used over again for different decorations. Thanks for stopping by today. 

Want more Autumn themed table setups? 

What do you think? Do you do a themed table for holidays and such? 

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