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Letter to the Week

Today is my husbands 31st birthday! He is actually subscribed to my email feed and I know he will read this, so I want to make sure to say...."Happy Birthday to the best husband and best friend I could ever hope for. A man with such a beautiful heart so full of love, faith and soul. I admire the way you are so determined and unselfish no matter the circumstances. You put up with my moodiness and love me still. The way you work endless amounts of hours and drive hundreds of miles every day which often means you do not get to come home to us at night in order to provide for our family. You make sure we want for nothing and you are the best dad I know. I am honored that you let me in. I can actually say that I know you in a way that no one else ever will, the same way you know me. I love the way you make me laugh and know exactly what I need when I do not not even know what I need. When I was broken and needed saving, you saved me.  I look forward to every day we are blessed with one another in our unbreakable bond with you as my man. Thank you for the millions of smiles you give me and the love you share with me, my soul mate. I love you!" 

Birthday cake and ice cream today! :) Gym tomorrow. This picture is from Halloween when I wanted to practice Halloween makeup on him so I could make it look cool. He then decided if I got to draw on him, he got to draw on me, so he drew a mustache. Fun times taking crazy face pictures & being silly is what we do. 

I am still trying to find 'the' routine for my blogging and which route gives me the end result that I desire. I am so scared of new things and failing in the blogging world, but hey what the heck...I blog for enjoyment, so I will be trying out a few new things. My letter to the week is all of those fun little happenings and thoughts about random things in the week.  

Dear moth balls: Why must you look like mini marshmallows and trick my kids into taking a lick? 

Dear refrigerator clean out: Why must you make the trash bag so heavy that I have to drag it?

Dear garbage bag: Why did you get a hole just as I was tossing you into the trash can-causing trash and food to fly everywhere?

Dear new workout wind pants: I despise the way you fit and make so much noise.

Dear little old ladies at the gym: Why must you ask me where I go to church before you even introduce yourself?

Dear jawline: I hope to be seeing you soon.

Dear car door: I thought we were friends, when will you stop shocking the crap out of me?

Dear cravings: I hope you are satisfied with all of the chocolate and pepsi I have had this week.

Dear paper plates: I just wanted to let you know I love you for giving me a break from the sink.

Dear leaves: You are a pain in the butt, but I raked you up this ONE time, as one of the gifts to my husband for his birthday. Our paths crossing again is highly unlikely.

Dear scale: Adding 10 pounds is pretty mean and I joined the gym this week...BOOM!

Dear YMCA: I see us becoming close pals.......

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