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10 Truths About Me

**** 2 Truths and a Lie- the lie was "I have blue eyes"...take a look at my profile picture- definitely not blue eyes. I actually have hazel green eyes. Thanks for giving it a shot guys! 

1. Autumn is my favorite season:

  • I love the cool crisp air, the beautiful changing leaves. Here in the Carolinas, I would be called "A Leaf Looker." We live in the foothills of the mountains and we drive up the mountains at least once a month, just for the spectacular scenery. The residents up there towards Appalachian state in the Blue Ridge area call everyone visiting leaf lookers at this time of year. I don't mind..because I love the leaves! My favorites are the ones that almost look like they are golden glowing leaves..the orange-yellow ones. I can appreciate this so much more because growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast...the seasons do not change the foliage much, if at all. 

2. I am a procrastinator:                                                                                                                              
  • A perfect example aside from my url is the fact that I blog for the week that we are in. Not really because I am a procrastinator per se, but because I just can not seem to post that far in advance. I have the mindset of multi-tasking and lots of times with the blog posts....I really do not have the words. Words do not come easily to me. Sure I can create stuff with ease, but finding the words to put with the post- that is a different story. I do not know how the many bloggers that have it together can plan posts months in advance. I get excited about my posts and want them posted right then and there. Every once in a while you will see me go post publishing happy.
3. I love tattoos: 

  • This is true. I love them, the story that they tell. I have never met a person that had tattoos because they just thought they were pretty or cool. I only have 4, but regret them all but the first one. Tattoos are beautiful and sexy to me...they are art. Honestly, if I could get away with it and my skin look young and tight forever then I would have lots of tattoos. I would probably to 1 sleeve on my arm and have a few on my torso and back leg, neck, face, hand or other crazy spots though or actually be covered in them. I will get old and my skin will that prevents me from getting any more. I do think about getting them often though. 
4. Shopping is not my favorite thing to do:

  • I really try to avoid being in town at certain times. Here at night time, it seems the town becomes infested with teens...literally. For some reason in this area, the Walmart parking lot is their playground. All the little rich, spoiled kids with brand new cars that are all suped-up and have no respect or care in the world. They pack the entire parking lot just to loiter and treat the main street like a race track. 
-During certain times of the day the isles are crowded with the lovely little old folks driving their battery operated carts....backing up and going forward while running everything over. That is actually pretty funny to watch. Sometimes they get stuck or bump into one another because they just can't seem to get the hang of the mechanics (makes me wonder if they drove to the store). I normally go with the old folks, but I hate the lines and find shopping tedious. Clothes, electronics, groceries...whatever. Well, with the exception of crafts and the thrift store. I could live in the craft store, repeating isle after isle and just be completely chilled.

5. I practice grocery cart rage: 

  • Sorry, I am a meanie in the store. Have you ever seen the person that looks like they are losing a race in the store? That would be me. I just can not get out of there fast enough. However, since I have to look at the pricing and packaging differences, I have no choice but to slow it down. My grocery cart rage comes in when you have those lovely people that seem to flock to the middle of an isle and are completely oblivious to the many people trying to get past. 
6. I was born in the 80's:
  • 1983 to be exact...I hit 30 this year. I am not ashamed of my age at all. 
7. I am extremely shy:

  • I have some extreme anxiety and I suppose it contributes to my shyness. Blogging is hard for me sometimes, because I really have no clue what to say. I honestly do not have much conversation with other adults other than a phone call to my mom, sisters or brother. I talk to my husband and my neighbor...that is about it. My husband is doing runs to Atlanta on 4 day trips right now, so it is me and my littles...and social networking. I try to comment as much as I can on others blogs, but I often am torn on what to say exactly. Sad, I know. Sometimes it is easy to comment, it just depends on the day that I am having. I really need to get better at visiting other blogs, because I really want to develop a close bond with other bloggers that I see so many others sharing. I have lots of blogs that I enjoy, but get caught up and get side tracked and never make it back to actually comment. I am an over analyzer and I tend to over think even the smallest of things. 
8. Lilies are my favorite flower:

  • I love them all, the way they look and smell. When my husband asked me to marry him, he bought me lilies and when we got married I carried Lilies. My birth flower is actually Lily of the Valley. Lilies are my favorite flower....along side Magnolias. 
9. I was raised with southern family roots: 

  • Very southern indeed. 99% of my family have lived in Ms and La their entire life without straying far from home even to travel. Proper manners, respect of every kind, strong discipline, "small town" values and lots of life lessons. This is a post all by itself, and I have basically written a short novel today, so I will leave it at that. 
10. DQ mocha moolattes are one of my favorite drinks:

  • Happiness in a straw, if happiness had a taste! I don't know what it is about them, but I am drawn to them and they can make any day better. 

So, I hope you feel like you know a little more about me now that I have shared my truth details with you. 
Have a great weekend and feel free to leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by!

What are some things people don't know about you? 

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