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Old and New Family Traditions of the Season

We all have our own special traditions in our families and am so filled with joy to now have my own family to share the holidays with. As our little ones celebrate holidays, it is so amazing to see their little eyes bright with excitement. My husband works hard to let me be a stay at home mom. It is such and amazing gift, and I get to do things and teach the kids things I normally wouldn't get the chance to. I get so excited around this time of year, and I am always ready for Christmas to come again so we can do everything once more. It always for just a small break from the everyday grind. 

Here are few things our family enjoys during the holiday season:

  • Talking about the 'Reason for the Season' and The Christmas Story.
  • Drink cocoa and watch Christmas cartoons until the kids and Daddy passes out.
  • Christmas stories- a story a day.
  • Driving around to see Christmas lights around town and other large lit up neighborhoods.
  • We always open a gift on Christmas Eve- New Christmas pajamas and socks!
  • Bake cookies and other baked goods to share with our neighbors and other community folk.
  • We buy breakfast for the garbage truck men and a soda as a Christmas thanks.
  • Crafting time and making ornaments together.
  • We actually do snack cakes in our stockings every year with a giant candy cane, a chocolate cross and little stocking stuffer gifts.
  •  Driving down the road singing Christmas songs until the cows come home.
  • Buy a gift for a boy and a girl for the Salvation Army's Boys and Girls Club.
  • The kids are required to go through their toys and give up a majority of them in order to get new gifts. -We donate them to Salvation Army, Purple Ribbon thrift store that benefits a local Battered Women Shelter or the local Christian Ministries thrift store.
  • Random Acts of Kindness when the moment arises.
  • The kids take turns donating to the Salvation Army bell ringers at the store. (Sometimes I feel so guilty and wrong if we don't donate and walk past, but we don't always have cash or the extra to give)

New things we have started this year: 

  • Elf of the shelf- acts of kindness with a little mischief fun. (I am not into wasting and writing notes to the kids of different things they can do to be good or do good is a much better option)
  • Making a Gingerbread house as a family.
  • Christmas tree silhouette dancing.
  • We are scheduled to help with a bagged lunch put together at a local soup kitchen when the kids are out of school.
  • Attend a Live Nativity Scene.
  • Advent calendar with scripture, games, songs and other activities each day.

*Posts about all of our Christmas fun to come soon!

What are your favorite family traditions? Have you started any new ones? 

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