A Mother's Love- Art Activity

A Mother's Love Project how to:

Trace your little ones left hand and your right hand on a solid colored paper and cut out.
Paste to your favorite designed scrapbooking paper.  You can frame it, laminate it or just hang it as is on your wall or fridge.   Cute right!  My mom actually did this with my youngest sister and I just had to share it with ya'll. 


Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

Love it, so simple, yet so beautiful. Have to try this and thanks for sharing!!

Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

What a super cute idea and I love the fact that you do it when the kiddos still have small hands so you can always remember just how small they used to be :)

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

I know, when I saw it, I loved it. I love little hand art. They think they are all grown up but still are little. Big personalities....and mouths with little hands haha. This is so sweet, I will be making some with mine soon.

Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

I like how it has that awe factor. I love stuff like this. As always, thanks for stopping by Janine.


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