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Who's Afraid of the Dark??


Heres why. We made our very own Glow in the Dark Lanterns!  Want the How To's...well go on down the page. We used them while we listened to this Scary Story...But Not Too Scary!

Everyone loves scary stories and award-winning comedy writer/director Carl Reiner invites readers to huddle close as he tells a young boy's tale of the mysterious house next door.

Something with red beams of light shooting from its eyes was coming down the basement stairs. It came closer and closer... the hair on the back of my neck was sticking straight out. I finally saw it- and it was alive!

As the story becomes spookier and spookier, Reiner pauses to ask "Shall we turn the page- or is it too scary?" That's for you to decide!

Parents and children can read along together as they listen to spooky sound effects and Carl Reiner's hilarious performance of Tell Me a Scary Story... on the accompanying CD.

The kids absolutely LOVE this book and it has a CD which makes it that much better because I have a still early stage reader and a not yet reader. 

One of our Glow in the Dark Lanterns.
Completed Glow in the Dark Construction Lantern
Fanned out Construction Paper Glow in the Dark Lantern

How To Make a Glow in the Dark Lantern:
YOU need 2 paper brads
A designed hole puncher
A sheet or 2 of your choice construction paper
A regular hole puncher
Glow in the Dark Paint

Super Cool Optional:  A glow stick to hang from the center of the lantern to make the inside glow!

1. Cut about 12 (1inch) strips of construction paper.
2. Punch out designed hole punches in a even range so the strip is not too fragile.
3. Punch holes in the bottom and top of the strips for every piece.- try to make even
4. You can at this time trace around each shapes or make designs with the Glow in the Dark paint.
5. Let Dry fully.
6. Take a paper brad and place through the holes of the bottom or top, then do the other side.
7. Perform an easy twisting motion with the paper strips and form a ball shape.
8. You can tie a string or twist a pipe cleaner around the inside of the paper brad above the paper strips...or   the light stick with the lanyard that comes with it. 
9. Your lantern is complete!

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