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Glow in the Dark Fun

Glow in the Dark pictures
Velvet Colored Glow in the Dark Picture

The kids colored velvet coloring pictures and then traced it out with Glow in the Dark Paint for cool Glow in the Dark art.

Glow in the Dark Jewelry
Tricolored Braided Lanyards with Glow in the Dark Ponys
Take Glow in the Dark Perler Beads or Pony Beads and lace them up Lanyard, pipecleaner, or string and instant jewelry!

Glow in the Dark Dragon Fly Pins  referral page for design.

  • 66 Glow in the Dark (luminous) Perler beads
  • 2 Yards Glow in the Dark Lanyard
  •  Hot Glue Gun
  •  Clothes Pin

  • Basic Instructions:
    Fold your cord in half to find the center.  Lace beads using pattern above as a guide. Start with the 3 Perler beads and loop back through the outer 2 from the right side.  Your begin point will be the end of the DragonFly.

    Wing Instructions:
    After completing the 3rd row string 10 beads on one cord, then loop cord back through all 10 beads to form a stiffer loop. Repeat procedure for the opposite wing. After completing the fifth row of the body, string 8 beads on one cord, then loop the cord back through all 8 beads to form the bottom portion of wings. Repeat for opposite wing. Finish by tying off with a double knot.

    Putting it all together:
    Squeeze out a strip of Hot Glue over the top of the Clothes Pin and quickly secure the completed Dragonfly to the clothespin.  Let Dry and you can squeeze glow in the dark paint through cracks of bead on pin for an extra glow effect.  I pinned them to the curtains and they look great.

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