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Spooky Halloween Foods

We are celebrating Halloween this year with some all new spooky foods. We are trying to have themed food that is actually not too bad for you. I mean after all, I am paid in chocolate for trick-or-treating...which I will never complain about, but my kiddos really need to have something a little more nutritious for their little bellies. I love having fun and creating new things for the season for our family to enjoy and have fun with. With all of these foods, you know you will have leftovers...if you are not having a party. Speaking of parties, this would be a fantastic set of snacks for a Halloween party you may be getting together.

Eyeball Eggs
Make deviled eggs as you normally do and just add sliced olives on top.
I like the ones with the drawing but no one would have eaten them, so I omitted it.

I made the regular ones with pickles for me and my kids and I made Jalapeno ones with hot sauce in the middle of the eyes for my hubby. I made cute little faces in the middle out of the food I was using.

Grave Digger Dip
o 2 cans of chicken breast
o 1 1/2 cup sour cream
o 8 oz softened cream cheese
o 1 1/2 cup cheese in mix
o 1 1/2 cups sprinkled on top
Blend all of those ingredients
Mix in about 1 cup of your favorite hot sauce...Franks is pretty good if you don't like much heat.
You can always add more or less to your liking.
Bake until bubbly @ 350.

Make your Grave hand
I took the left over pizza crust dough from the mummies to make it. (see below)
I cut 2 cheese straws(4 pieces 1 and 1 small on the other) to size and wrapped them in the dough with the ends wrapped around to a finger shape. I took the last bit of the 2nd cheese straw to use for the hand.
Shape the dough and press fingers, top of hand and back part for wrist all together.  Cut 1 pepperoni into 8's and use for fingernails- Bake at 350.

Sprinkle on top layer of cheese and place back in oven to melt. Take out and place hand on dip and push the wrist part into dip.

Mummy Dogs
o 1 pack of hot dogs
o Cut pizza dough into strips and wrap around hot dogs
Bake until done at 350. Dot with mustard for eyes or other condiment you enjoy.

Witch Brooms
o 4 cheese straws cut in half
o Shred up a little leaving about an inch at the top.
o Push in a short pretzel stick
o Dip the end of a tooth pick in food coloring and poke cheese for eyes.

Spider Crackers
o 16 crackers
o 8 bottoms with PB on them
o 8 tops with 2 dots of pb on them to stick on eyes
o Chocolate covered raisins for eyes
o Place 4 broken in half short pretzels for legs

Jello Worms
o Lime Jello
o 1/2 set and push in worms.
-We put them in Halloween themed cupcake liners for easy transport.

Munchy Monster Apples
o 1 apple cut with a apple corer
o Cut each section in half
o PB on bottom
o Candy Corn for teeth
o Tooth picks through the top
o Chocolate covered raisins on top for the eyes

Ghosts in the Graveyard
o Crushed up Oreos
o Chocolate Pudding
o Vienna Finger Cookies
o Whipped Topping (Fridge Temp not frozen)
o Food Coloring Pens
o Plastic Spiders
o Candy Dots
Open each Vienna Cookie and design your tombstones on the creme side.
Make your pudding according to the pie instructions(it will help the cookies stay put).
Crumble and Smash your Oreos.

Pour your pudding into your dish and smooth the top.
Sprinkle Oreos on top.
Stick your Tombstones in.
Decorate with your spiders.
Spoon some Whipped Topping in a baggie & cut off the tip. Cut enough off to have a good squeeze size for your ghosts.  Squish a dollop out and then do a smaller one on top of it and stick your candies in for the face. You could use any candy that makes a face and is not too heavy.
We had fun making this and tasting as we went.  My kids love making this every year for Halloween. We did it when I was a kid and now I do it with my kids. It has become sort of a tradition.

Hope you had a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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