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Art & Crafts with those Plastic Easter Eggs!

I do not know about you but in our house those lovely little plastic Easter Eggs are just one of those things you just keep finding throughout the months following the Easter holiday.  For some reason it seems like they are multiplying.  I found a way not only for us to have more fun with them, but I was able to dispose of the ones we used.  The kids can only re-hide the eggs over and over so many times before they are just over it.

We did a little bit of WASHABLE tempura paint with a bit of water.

Since the egg now a days have holes in it we taped up the top and the bottom.  Wait to shake the egg until outside, because the water/paint mix will leak some. Shake and crack....over the non shiny side of some poster board.

Our cat loves getting dirty!
(Totally not random, he was rolling around right on side of us...he normally photo bombs)

See how great it turned out.  The kids decided they wanted to keep creating egg splat art.
 We did a few designs with the bottoms and tops of the eggs for more design. The kids cracked A BUNCH of eggs, so it took a super long time to dry and some of the paint did crack a bit.  Some of the eggs had a bit to much water which made them run, but overall they turned out great.]

After we were all done, I took my cupcake pans that we had the eggs sitting in and dumped the used eggs into the trash and washed out my pans.   The kids were so excited and had so much fun making their messy artwork.  *Use old clothes because the paint splatters everywhere.  For better effect the higher the better.  It was going the rain the next day, so the paint all over the rocks and sidewalk washed right off. 


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